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Tom Anderton<br /><strong>Lose for MORE Challenge Winner</strong> beforeTom Anderton<br /><strong>Lose for MORE Challenge Winner</strong> after

Tom Anderton
Lose for MORE Challenge Winner

Total pounds lost: 90

With over 40 years of weight loss experience I think I'm qualified to say that MonaVie RVL is the most effective weight loss program I've ever done. Thank you, MonaVie, for giving me my life back.

Julian Edwards<br /><strong>Lose for MORE Challenge Winner</strong> beforeJulian Edwards<br /><strong>Lose for MORE Challenge Winner</strong> after

Julian Edwards
Lose for MORE Challenge Winner

MonaVie Blue Diamond Executive

Total pounds lost: 58

I am happy to say that I have a total weight loss of 58 pounds and I now feel and look better than ever! I am absolutely ecstatic and I can't say thank you enough to MonaVie for creating the MonaVie RVL product. MonaVie is, without a doubt, the best company in the world, and the best company for the world!

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Cody Weaver beforeCody Weaver after

Cody Weaver

MonaVie Distributor Executive

Tanya Anand beforeTanya Anand after

Tanya Anand

MonaVie Silver Executive

Deb Larner beforeDeb Larner after

Deb Larner

MonaVie Ruby Executive

Russ Aker beforeRuss Aker after

Russ Aker

MonaVie Silver Executive

Sherri Waller beforeSherri Waller after

Sherri Waller

MonaVie Bronze Executive

Brandon Tourville beforeBrandon Tourville after

Brandon Tourville

MonaVie Distributor Executive

Jim Gilbert beforeJim Gilbert after

Jim Gilbert

MonaVie Silver Executive

Rob Turek beforeRob Turek after

Rob Turek

MonaVie Silver Executive

Barb Bokinskie beforeBarb Bokinskie after

Barb Bokinskie

MonaVie Distributor Executive

Allison Vehlewald beforeAllison Vehlewald after

Allison Vehlewald

MonaVie Distributor Executive

Jeff Later beforeJeff Later after

Jeff Later

MonaVie Corporate

Beau Coplin beforeBeau Coplin after

Beau Coplin

MonaVie Corporate

Slavo Bogush beforeSlavo Bogush after

Slavo Bogush

MonaVie Gold Executive

Rocky Femia beforeRocky Femia after

Rocky Femia

MonaVie Distributor Executive

Isaac and Tiffany Price beforeIsaac and Tiffany Price after

Isaac and Tiffany Price

MonaVie Distributor Executive

David St. Pierre beforeDavid St. Pierre after

David St. Pierre

MonaVie Distributor Executive

Caridad Pond beforeCaridad Pond after

Caridad Pond

MonaVie Silver Executive

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